Word at Work

January 6, 2013

Word at Work January 6, 2013

SUNDAY, JANUARY 6 Scripture: Matthew 10:5,6 I have often wondered in reading Scripture, what Bible did Jesus preach from? His interpretation and the actions He took […]
January 5, 2013

Word at Work January 5, 2013

SATURDAY, JANUARY 5 Scripture: Luke 4:21-30 In this growth pattern, there is tremendous opposition. Jesus’ message was so popular in His own home town, the people […]
January 4, 2013

Word at Work January 4, 2013

FRIDAY, JANUARY 4 Scripture: Luke 4:16-20 In Luke 4:16-20, we find Jesus growing and developing in His understanding and expression of God’s anointing and His purpose. […]
January 3, 2013

Word at Work January 3, 2013

THURSDAY, JANUARY 3 Scripture: Revelation 11:1-7 Revelation 11:1-7 describes the anointing that will be available in the end-times. Apparently to walk in this anointing, the witnesses […]
January 2, 2013

Word at Work January 2, 2013

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 2 Scripture: Mark 1:12-15 Mark 1:12-15 states, “Immediately the Spirit drove Him into the wilderness. And He was there in the wilderness forty days, […]
January 1, 2013

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January 1, 2013

January 2013 Outcry

I believe Isaiah 59 provides us a path to redemption from adversity created by the rebellious. Be encouraged because the promise of an anointing for those […]
January 1, 2013

Word at Work January 1, 2013

TUESDAY, JANUARY 1 Scripture: Mark 1:9-11 The beginning of Jesus’ ministry was marked by knowing the Father’s will. Verses 9-11 says, “It came to pass in […]
December 31, 2012

Word at Work December 31, 2012

MONDAY, DECEMBER 31 Scripture: Acts 12:13-23 Does making our enemies our footstool mean that if they threaten our harvest field and refuse to relent that God […]
December 30, 2012

Word at Work December 30, 2012

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 30 Scripture: Acts 12:1-12 Herod killed James and was ready to kill Peter, but the church prayed. And the first thing they got was […]