Word At Work Ministries International

Word At Work Ministries International is a prophetic teaching ministry dedicated to equipping the church through supplying the meat of His Word.

In 1975, Al Houghton moved to Southern California to attend seminary and earned a Master of Divinity degree in theology. Immediately upon graduation, the Lord instructed him to start a teaching ministry and live by faith.

The teaching ministry began in home Bible studies, but grew to occupy other facilities, like Mott Auditorium on the campus of the US Center for World Missions in Pasadena, California where Al taught for 10 years.

1984-87 marked a transition as the Lord began speaking about local churches being centers for future Holy Spirit outpourings. Al dedicated his teaching to building the body of Christ in and through the local and organic church.

A daily Bible study entitled the “Word At Work” has been published monthly since 1981 and is still available through this website.

All Bible study materials are offered on a “Pray and Obey” basis while books, CD and DVD series are available for purchase through the online store. The same subjects are taught in the monthly Bible studies and fully accessible on a “Pray And Obey” basis.

We have felt strongly that the Holy Spirit is leading us into a new season.  For this purpose, we have tried to make this site user-friendly and tailored to help people access our materials with ease.  But our goal is to help the Word become grafted into your life — in whatever way we can.  To acheive these ends, we are posting every days Bible study on the front page of this site.  This will include links to scriptures and additional study materials that will help in your study of scripture.  We are also offering the month’s Bible studies in PDF format, so that you can print them, if you prefer.