Word at Work June 7, 2015
June 7, 2015
Kilauea, HI
June 8, 2015

Word at Work June 8, 2015

Scripture: Mark 10:41,42

Jesus made two comparisons. He said those who are considered rulers over the Gentiles lord it over/kat-ak-oo-ree-yoo-o. That means they subdue or hold in captivity. Jesus went on to say that the great ones exercise authority over them and that is kat-ex-oo-see-ad-zo. Kat-ex-oo-see-ad-zo means to terrorize or dominate. It is taking a God-given position or call, and using it to dominate others and getting them to serve your purposes, not God’s. The Lord says we cannot do that and the Kingdom doesn’t work that way. His Kingdom works on servanthood. And we either choose to serve or we choose the world’s way. If we choose the world’s way, on Judgment Day, we will pay the consequences. How we use what God gives us – whether we use it to help people or use it for our own benefit – is a big issue with God. There is a reward for walking in obedience and there is judgment for disobedience. And that judgment begins in the House of the Lord. Perhaps we are in such a season. Is it possible that all those who violate these two rules might be taken home early? It is time we got serious with how we conduct our ministries. Are we serving people or are we serving ourselves? This judgment starts in the House of the Lord.