Word at Work July 5, 2013
July 5, 2013
Word at Work July 7, 2013
July 7, 2013

Word at Work July 6, 2013

Scripture: Leviticus 20:6-8

The second way to set God against us is to embrace a new age doctrine of demons, another jesus and another gospel. There is another gospel moving through the nation under the banner of grace. This gospel teaches not the grace of God that forgives us of sin, but it redefines grace as ‘no judgment’. The effect of this teaching is, the church is afforded license to sin. It is much closer to the doctrine of Balaam than it is to the doctrine of Christ, or the true grace of God in action. The grace of God that saves us from our sin does not enable us to continue in it. Any doctrine that enables us to continue in sin is counterfeit grace. Any doctrine that results in evaporation of the fear of God is counterfeit! When grace says that there is no judgment, we know it is untempered mortar. And as Scripture promises, God will destroy that mortar and destroy those who propagate it! Let us watch God’s Hand move through the church and watch Him expose or remove people in ministry who plaster with untempered mortar.