Word at Work July 4, 2013
July 4, 2013
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July 6, 2013

Word at Work July 5, 2013

Scripture: Leviticus 20:1-5

It is absolutely imperative to find out what constitutes untempered mortar and what causes us to move God’s Hand against us. Leviticus 20:1-5 outlines one of four major issues that we find here, all confirmed in the New Testament. The first is in verses 1-5, which speaks of the sacrifice of innocent children. We have it today in abortion. We know abortion to be primarily championed by one political party, and every time we see them in power, they advance it dramatically. God’s people are the last wall against evil in a nation. If they have been plastered with untempered mortar, they cannot stand in adversity as it develops. If there is no change, eventually God will dispossess these people of their position and of power. Whether it be by termination of office or loss of life from the Judicial Christ, no one who sacrifices innocent blood will be found in heaven without repentance and acceptance of the Blood of Christ for their sin. This is not a minor issue – the sacrifice of innocent blood is a major breach in the land. It is a breach worthy of destruction and judgment. Those who believe there is no judgment in the New Testament completely deny the Judicial Christ in the gospels, the book of Acts and the book of Revelation. They completely deny the Judicial Christ in every place He appears. If we support abortion, even with our vote, we are guilty. If we refuse to address it, we plaster people with untempered mortar. And God says, “My stormy wind will destroy you!” This will set God against us and what we see in adversity, coming on our nation, may well have its roots right here. We can facilitate an answer by praying, “Oh God, have mercy on the nation and remove the perpetrators! Visit them with what they have done to the land. They champion shedding innocent blood. Therefore, have mercy on our nation and remove them!” That is a biblical, judicial prayer. It is axios intercession in action! Refusing to face that issue or to bring the full measure of penalty on the perpetrators is simply untempered mortar and it will forfeit the nation to judgment. We cannot afford to go there!