Converts or Disciples
May 18, 2017
Purifying The Altar
May 19, 2017

Marked Men


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Will Jesus come to the Church before he comes for it? If so–for what purpose?

If the cup has to be full before we can get a new heaven and earth, doesn’t this make the pre-trib, mid, and post arguments inconsequential?

Should we expect the Christians who finish the age to pay less of a price than those who began it?

If in the end people must acquiesce to buy or sell, what must we do to achieve God’s promised protection now?

How can the Church overcome the spirit of mammon and qualify for God’s fullness?

Are we preparing our children for the wrong rapture? How should we be training them for the future?

Marked Men addresses each of these pertinent subjects and reveals how the Word addresses each!

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