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May 19, 2017
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May 19, 2017

Anointing To Spoil


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From Genesis to Revelation all the prophets agree on the concept of a wealth transfer in the form of “spoiling” the riches of the wicked in favor of the righteous.  This concept emerges from the  evangelistic Heart of God.  When wealth affects personal worship or supports evil then it must be taken.  Spoil is an affliction judgment that must be executed by the church to hopefully save those who worship money.  If common ground exists between us and the wicked, the judgment we call down may cause financial disruption in us first.  Satan’s money pays for the Harvest.

This series explores the cost to prepare and how to participate?  Isaiah provides the foundation in God’s plan.  In Is. 53, Jesus purchased this Anointing and imparts it to the “Strong”.  Isaiah announces that businesses will be the agents for this transfer in the last days.  This series explores the new frontier of the Judicial Christ as He leads us to defund evil by “Spoil”!  If you have never prayed God’s Justice on a competitor who funds evil, this is your series.

This is an eight part series.

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