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May 18, 2019
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Scripture: Numbers 13:17-20

Be of good courage was the command that Joshua gave as he sent the twelve spies into the Promised Land. Those who were selected were leaders among their brethren, one from each tribe. The majority of the twelve faced what they encountered fearfully unable to keep their eyes fixed on God. Only two of the twelve spies acted like mature, believing sons exhibiting the courage that was commanded. Two sons knew enough of their family history to know that God consistently chooses to use a small group against impossible odds so God alone gets the glory! The ten spies forgot their miraculous history. They could not see beyond the circumstances and recall their supernatural departure from Egypt, complete with mighty wonders. Moses and Aaron stood against the greatest army of their time! God defeated the Egyptians because of the Abrahamic Covenant! Who will we see Him defeat in the last days?