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Word at Work November 27, 2018
November 27, 2018
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Word at Work November 29, 2018
November 29, 2018

Word at Work November 28

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Scripture: Mark 4:10-20

God’s Kingdom works on farming principles. God’s Word reveals rocks, thorns and unplowed ground. Repentance and turning from sin is a process of ploughing out the rocks and thorns to reclaim impaired soil as good ground! If we delay in accepting the blamelessness Christ offers, we risk falling into sin. After all, believing that our mistakes are too big for Christ’s blood has elements of pride and unbelief. But when we repent of sins, and change our mind, it is like disking the soil in preparation for planting. When we repent and change habits we are digging out the thorns and reclaiming good soil for a potential harvest. When we plant God’s promises, we are initiating a Kingdom process that with time and nurturance grows a harvest. The Sonship Gifts are good seed which will produce an eternal harvest – Christ’s likeness. We will never go wrong sowing the eternal seed of God’s Sonship Gifts. The exciting and redemptive news is that good seed produces a good harvest and according to Mark 4, it is always multiplied 30, 60 or 100-fold in return! The reward for reclaiming deficient soil yields life-giving abundant return. We get a return making repentance and commitment to growth worthwhile! The goal is that all our soil will produce! Our purposeful development in the Word will not only seal our hearts with blamelessness but with great fruitfulness! And perhaps the greatest joy of all will be that of pleasing our Heavenly Father!