Word at Work May 18, 2016
May 18, 2016
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May 20, 2016

Word at Work May 19, 2016

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 12:10

Verse 10 continues, “…to another prophecy…” Prophecy is a tremendous blessing in Scripture because prophecy often reveals what God wants to do or a direction to take or an issue God wants addressed. It is when the Holy Spirit moves on us to speak something specific to someone about a promise, about a coming event, about a current situation, about what God’s purpose for them is or what He is about to do. Prophecy comes to encourage, edify and comfort. In 1 Corinthians 14 we are all told to seek to prophesy and we should actively seek this gift. The Bible is full of unfulfilled prophecy that we have not yet seen come to pass. We would ask God for it like this, ‘Father, in Jesus’ name Your Word says that we may all prophesy. It says to seek to prophesy so I ask You that the Spirit of prophecy would operate in my life to encourage Your people, to edify, to exhort and to bless them when they need it. So I receive the spirit of prophecy in Jesus’ name.’