Summerville, SC
July 8, 2014
Word at Work July 10, 2014
July 10, 2014

Word at Work July 9, 2014

Scripture: Exodus 20:18-20

God always intended that His people operate like Kings and Priests. But when the people saw what the price was, they decided it was just too pricey. The tsed-aw-kaw was too expensive. Having to live according to God’s righteous standards was more than they could do, so they bargained with Moses. They said in effect, “You go, pay the price to meet with God. Find out what He says, and come back and tell us and we will pay you.” So the clergy/laity system was born out of people who wanted the blessing of being in covenant with God, but wanted someone else to pay the price by living right. That has never worked, from the Israelites to people who try the same thing in our day. It has never worked and never will. If we want the blessing, we have to live according to God’s righteous standard. Jesus the Judge is waiting. As we say yes, the Spirit reveals what to pray! We can wait to read tomorrow’s headlines or we can with the Holy Spirit pray them into existence! The Lord asked me which I wanted and I am asking you. Do you want to read headlines or with the Spirit create them?