Word at Work May 7, 2014
May 7, 2014
Word at Work May 9, 2014
May 9, 2014

Word at Work May 8, 2014

Scripture: Revelation 19:11

Revelation 19:11 says, “Now I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war.” The Jesus of Revelation is fully in the King mode. Until we are prepared to join Him in that mode, we are not fully representing the Christ of Revelation. So far most in the church seem to be capable of only representing the Priest. There seems to be a denial in representing the Judicial Christ. That is one reason our nations are in the mess they are in. We have leaders who routinely announce support for vile and unbiblical things. The church is not bringing the Judicial Hand of God on the leaders. We are not judging, we are not following the Spirit and we are not making spiritual war. Therefore, we have those who are living that should not live. Ezekiel said we are keeping people alive who should not live and we see that happening today. We are keeping people alive who should not live. And we are killing people who should not die. By not developing in our Kingly anointing, every believer helps to kill people who should not die. The church only complains about politicians, but rarely takes the prayer-action necessary to remove them by declaring and decreeing the Judicial Hand of God on their head. We should spiritually war against them until they are either rendered impotent or are in the grave. Until the church steps into the Kingly anointing we have exactly the politicians that we deserve.