Word at Work July 7, 2013
July 7, 2013
Word at Work July 9, 2013
July 9, 2013

Word at Work July 8, 2013

Scripture: Leviticus 20:10-24

The fourth major area that will cause God to stand against us is if we refuse to take a stand against sexual sin. Adultery, fornication and homosexuality are all dimensions of sexual sin that can start to permeate a people and will inevitably create a breach that will bring the judgment of God on the land. When leaders refuse to address these issues, they are indeed plastering with untempered mortar and God promises to remove them. Leaders of major churches may have built their ministries on a seeker-sensitive model. And if they refuse to confront areas of sin and refuse to repent for plastering with untempered mortar, their congregations will overnight migrate to other pulpits.