July 2013 Outcry
July 1, 2013
Word at Work July 3, 2013
July 3, 2013

Word at Work July 2, 2013

Scripture: Ezekiel 13:9-14

When ministers who speak for the Lord refuse to say all that God requires, it is often because of fear of offending and thus losing church members. When this happens, they become like a brick fastened by faulty mortar. It is called, ‘plastering with untempered mortar.’ The issue of untempered mortar is that it does not connect or seal the bricks and consequently, when a storm comes, the bricks fall. Untempered mortar will not hold a building together in a storm. For a nation to survive the storms of the last days, it must have pastors, prophets, teachers and leaders who only speak tempered mortar that they hear in the Throne-Room. Are the largest ministries in America today plastering with tempered or untempered mortar? Are we building the church into a body that will be a wall against evil or are people being entertained or placated most Sunday mornings?