Escondido, CA
May 30, 2012
Word at Work June 1, 2012
June 1, 2012

Word at Work May 31, 2012

Scripture: Psalm 2:6-12

Psalm 2:6-9 says, “I will declare the decree: The Lord has said to Me, ‘You are My Son, Today I have begotten You. Ask of Me, and I will give You The nations for Your inheritance, And the ends of the earth for Your possession. You shall break them with a rod of iron; You shall dash them to pieces like a potter’s vessel.’” It is obvious that the harvest has a resistance and the resistance to the harvest has to be challenged by us. We think God is going to do it, but He makes it very clear in verse 9 that the one who breaks the resistance with the rod of iron is us. We are the ones who dash the enemy in pieces, not God! We do that through His anointing. We do that by asking for His intervention. We do that by representing the Judicial Christ. A failure to represent the Judicial Christ means we enable the resistance instead of stopping it. What are we going to do? It is time we entered into the fullness of what God has for us. Are we ready to take the admonition of Jesus to the kings? Psalm 2:10 says, “Now therefore, be wise, O kings; Be instructed, you judges of the earth.” Are we ready to realize that we are the ones who can kindle God’s wrath? When we choose to trust in the Judicial Christ and represent Him then the reality of, “Ask for the nations…” begins to come in view. The resistance to that harvest, you and I break with a rod of iron. We strike it with an authority that has already been given to us. We have been made Kings for a reason and that reason is to bring the judicial Hand of God on the resistance. Are we ready to step into that place? Because if we are not, we will forfeit what God has for us. Are we willing to face Jesus having forfeited nations because we would not step into a judicial place, because we would not grow to a place where we could represent the judicial Christ? It is time to stand like warriors in the last days.