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October 21, 2011
Word at Work October 22, 2011
October 22, 2011

Champions of Faith

 Have you ever met a Champion of Faith?  Have you ever contributed to someone who grew into one whose words raised the dead and put people in the grave?  Champions of Faith examines Hebrews 11 for the true substance that becomes our foundation of faith.  Verses 39 and 40 declare all those who walked in faith that are mentioned in this chapter are not complete without our contribution.  Faith’s Hall of Fame is still open for those who believe to fulfill the promised harvest.  This series takes a whole new look at faith and its application as both a Priest and a King.

Champions of Faith is a five-message series, and the following is an excerp from one of the teachings.  You can get the series in our online store, and we hope you are blessed by the sample!

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