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June 1, 2010
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Scripture: Genesis 9: 12-15


One of the things we have to ask ourselves is how did God reveal Himself to man initially?  The answer to that is: as a Caretaker in covenant.  God revealed how devastating sin can be by flooding the land.  In Genesis 9:12-15 we find God promising Noah that never again will a flood destroy the earth.  And He sets as a sign of His covenant, “a rainbow in the clouds” to be a reminder between God and every living thing in the earth that He will never again destroy it by water.  God reveals Himself as a judge and as a provider.  Somehow the judicial part of God has been completely ignored by today’s American Church.  The fruit of it extends from congregations who don’t know God at all and can easily be heard whenever there is a national catastrophe with the questions of whether or not God was involved.  When 911 came, those few brave ministers who dared to declare there was an element of judgment involved were quickly assassinated in character from every sector, including the church.  This should tell us how far the church has gotten away from knowing the covenant-keeping God who declares sin still has devastating consequences.