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May 7, 2010
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Scripture: Joshua 1:6-9


Joshua was faced with the challenge of fulfilling the covenant promise of possessing the land.  In order to do that, he had to dispossess the inhabitants.  God’s Word to him in such a season was, “I will divide the inheritance of the land as I swore to your fathers.  But you have to be strong and courageous and have to do the Word.  Do not turn from it, to the right or the left, in order that you can prosper.”  Doing the Word has been the core of God’s relationship with man since our creation.  We are the ones who have to do the Word.  The whole reason God made a covenant with Abraham was so that Abraham would do the Word.   If the Word is not done, God’s will is not done and the church is obviously not doing God’s Word.  We are not demanding justice on the perpetrating parties for filling the land with iniquity.  Consequently for almost a lifetime of two generations we have been losing Christian freedoms that previous generations bought and paid for.  Because of religious tradition, the church is nicer than God.  It is time to do the Word.  It is time to stop being merciful to those that God is not merciful to because the fruit of their actions destroy the land.  If we don’t grow up and start doing the Word we will not have a Christian nation any longer, and we are dangerously close to that point right now.  Doing the Word starts with the filthy, the perverse and the vile that hold political positions and demanding that God remove them.  To do anything less is dangerously close to occupying a position resembling the behavior of a spiritual weasel.  A Christian who enables sin and destruction through passivity could hardly be called anything but a weasel.  Let us put tradition underfoot and pray justice on those destroying our land!