February 2010 Outcry
February 1, 2010
April 2010 Outcry
April 1, 2010

March 2010 Outcry

The value and great need of prayer for our nation cannot be underestimated in this hour! Core values that shaped this nation are being threatened in many arenas. Just as David was supported by his mighty men of valor as he warred for God’s purposes, so has God raised by mighty men and women of valor who desire to listen, to act and to excel for God’s purposes. As you stand and answer God’s call may you be counted as a valiant one and be encouraged by this prophetic poem!

Valiant Ones

My mighty ones of valor
I’ve raised you up to “war”
Anointed with My courage
Unlike ever before.

In My quiet, secret place
I’ve honed My vessels pure
Those steadfast, faithful warriors
Who’ve proved they’ll persevere.

Oh, My treasured, chosen ones
My time is soon at hand
Walls will fall and foes disperse
As you speak at My command!

By Jayne Houghton