November 2007 Outcry
November 1, 2007
January 2008 Outcry
January 1, 2008

December 2007 Outcry

As we see some of America’s leading ministries called to account for how they handle finances, we realize that there is a standard of righteousness which God requires that has to fall first in the church, before it can manifest in the world. There is this pattern in the book of Acts where Ananias and Sapphira drop in the church before Christian prayers prevail to drop Herod from a position of political power. The Senate seems to be demanding a righteous standard for the church but what they don’t realize is the same fire they are calling down will eventually come upon them. The key issue of God’s justice demands that whatever fire we call down, we must be prepared to stand in it ourselves. Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego lived but the men who threw them in the fire – died. May God’s standard prevail.

The Lord continues to highlight Psalm 47 during this season. Psalm 47 is very interesting in the fact that it is a royal Psalm which presents three different levels of the kingly anointing. Verses 1 through 4 encourages us to shout in triumph at the coming of the King. Now as the King’s rule comes, it means an end to all inequity, a resolution of deep warfare and victory over adversity. Section one elicits a shout in faith believing that the King is indeed coming. Verses 5 through 7 express the second segment of this process by shouting for triumph at the enthronement of the King. We enthrone God in our praises. Certain kairos seasons promise a judicial anointing manifested in the church to demonstrate kingly authority. I believe we are in such a kairos right now, therefore, the exhortation of Psalm 47 outlines a spiritual expression that God is looking for from the church.

The third and final section of Psalm 47 outlines the enthronement of the King as expressed in verses 8 and 9. Verses 8 and 9 declare that court is in session, the Throne is open and approachable and the God of all justice is waiting on His people to plead their case. God is ready to dispatch His army as judicial decisions are handed down. I believe we are to prophetically finish this year by coming into God’s presence with distinctive shouts! Our shouts can begin by clapping our hands and shouting with the voice of triumph because we know the Jesus of justice is coming to the church. Secondly we can shout believing that God is enthroned in our praises and court is in session. Finally we can shout because the anointing to declare the rule of the King is among us. Prophetic declaration releases the army of the Lord to bring victory over long-standing issues.

America is in trouble, not only spiritually and morally but financially and physically. Everywhere the church is under assault the nation is under assault! For fifty years perverse Justices in utter arrogance have spit in God’s face, wiping out freedoms that were blood-bought by previous generations. When Psalm 47 becomes a reality, God is ready to confront those who would attempt to silence the church by bringing on them what they have attempted to bring on us. He is still the God of Esther who pulls Hamans into the same pit that they dug for others. The pit is beckoning.

Let’s birth the rule of the King by following Psalm 47 as we go into the Throne Room. If we finish the year doing Psalm 47, I believe we will begin the next year in a far different place.