September 2007 Outcry
September 1, 2007
November 2007 Outcry
November 1, 2007

October 2007 Outcry

America finds itself in the unique place of losing its national conscience, which our forefathers placed in the laws of the land as they encoded biblical morality. Romans 1 outlines a seven step slide to the loss of national conscience. Verse 21 says: "they knew God, but did not glorify Him as God." An example of that would be The Supreme Court outlawing prayer in school. Number two, "nor were thankful." The Supreme Court dashed this barrier by denying display of Manger Scenes at Christmas on any government property. The third step was they "became futile in their thoughts." The banning of the Ten Commandments on class room walls is a good example. Number four, "their foolish hearts were darkened." Roe v Wade would qualify as very dark in the shedding of innocent blood. Number five is "Professing to be wise, they became fools." When biblical morality was thrown out of the Public School System, secular humanism replaced it, followed by other religions.

Number six is especially daunting because it is nature worship in the form of environmentalism and the granting of rights to animals. While the majority of us love our little kitties and puppy dogs, treating them just like our kids, God did not confer rights on animals. Man was given dominion for a specific purpose. God said "subdue the earth" and animals are now subduing us. Radical environmentalism got DDT banned and now over a million a year die needlessly from mosquito born diseases. West-nile virus is here thanks to banning DDT. As those God-given rights are legislated away, we have the increasing propagation of issues like global warming, which threatens to destroy the economy and bring a measure of government control that is demonic to the core. How long will we tolerate the demonized? The final step is in Romans 1:24-32 which is the approval of homosexuality and lesbianism by political leaders.

Recently government made available at a pamphlet entitled "The Global Warming Primer." The theory of global warming postulates that a supposed warming of temperatures is the result of humans contributing so much CO2 that it is changing the atmosphere. The facts are only 3.4% of the CO2 levels come from humans as compared with 96.6% that come from nature. Only utter stupidity could conclude that the U.S., as one of hundreds of nations, could change the earth’s weather through draconian economically destructive limitations on CO2 output. The only people who benefit from these alarmist tactics and misinformation have an agenda of increasing government control to enhance their bureaucratic position.

God’s Word is very clear about Who controls the weather and it is not man. There is only one answer for America’s current defiled and oppressed condition because of the demonized people who have been elected to office. Only through a dramatic display of God’s power can the direction and course of the nation be changed. If it is not changed soon, we may all be enduring adversity beyond our imagination. The covenant of "Sure Mercy" enables us to ask God for mercy for the land and removal or cutting off of the enemy in utter destruction. While deceived politicians are catapulting us toward ultimate destruction, God is calling the church to invoke the covenant of "Sure Mercy" so He can flush a stopped-up national toilet. It is time to use the "roto-rooter"!

The future of the land is in the hands of the church. How will we respond?