May 2007 Outcry
May 1, 2007
July 2007 Outcry
July 1, 2007

June 2007 Outcry

Last Month we were given a rare victory by the Supreme Court in the upholding of a partial birth abortion ban but this month we are painfully reminded of the avalanche of evil cascading down the political mountain towards the church.

House Resolution 1592, the brainchild of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her party of power, in an attempt to advance the homosexual agenda, passed a bill that in effect makes the preaching of Romans 1 or Leveticus 20 a hate crime!  Canada already has such a law and pastors have gone to jail.  If America votes for statutorial protection of homosexuality, and the majority of the representatives have, ever greater devastation looms!

The politicians in power  have passed a bill aimed at silencing the church and as reported in the Orange County Register on May 24th, 2007. And by the way, attorney’s believe that members of NAMBLA (the North American Man/Boy Love Association), who advocate sex between adult men and underage boys, would constitute a protected “sexual orientation” under this bill.

Every time  believers go to the polls, they choose both an individual and a political party to represent them.  Sometimes it is nearly impossible to discern any difference but when nearly an entire political party spits in the face of God – it is incumbent on the church to ask God to spit back!  In Acts 5:17,18 when the party in power jailed the apostles, an angel came to release them commanding they go to the Temple and speak all the words of this Life.  God knows how to spit back!

God has given every believer a covenant of “Sure Mercy” guaranteeing the right to move His Hand in prayer.  Mercy to the United States would be granted if every Congressman who voted for this abominable perverse and vile legislation were removed.  We have the covenantal right to ask God to do that as a manifestation of covenant mercy for America.

The American church is stuck in the ditch of mercy to every individual.   Mercy to individuals is great but  God did not continually extend mercy to Balaam, Absalom and Jezebel, as the American church continually has.    Mercy manifested when the agents of evil were removed.  Congress has a majority of Balaam’s, Absalom’s and Jezebel’s – It is time to pray like David prayed when he faced the loss of Jerusalem in Psalm 143:12.  We are facing a loss of freedom our forefathers died for and the least we can do is ask for covenant justice!  God moved for David and He will move for us!