John Paul Stevens
July 18, 2010
July 19, 2010


The development of the English translation of God’s Word is a study all it’s own involving the science (using that word loosely) of textual criticism which very few sane people need enter other than seminarians. There are liberal and conservative schools of thought about how to judge the historical record as well as interpret the text whether it be the Old Testament originally written in Hebrew or the New Testament originally penned in the language of the people “koine” or common Greek.

When it comes time to apply the Word of God to your life in seeking a deeper relationship with Him, the translation of Scripture can become extremely important. Is Jesus the only way or just one of the ways to God and how narrow is the path? Do we apply law or grace to behavioral issues and what scripture applies? What does the law mean in the New Testament? In the New Testament, will we still be judged by the law?

On the liberal extreme, we have those who offer new translations for Feminists: T.N.I.V. or the The New International Version which has been retranslated to remove all the gender specific references where possible. This alone should cause serious bible students to question the original intent of the translators and find a literal word-for-word translation for study which would exclude the NIV altogether.

It is the goal of Word At Work Ministries to present bible studies which reflect our core values and are based on the most conservative adherence to our belief in the Inerrant Word of God with reference to the original languages where necessary and based on the context as presented. We will continue to research words and context for the goal of understanding the Word as it was written and those references reflect our earnest research in our attempts toward this end.

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